itZat is your new go-to mobile app for making the most of what
the Austin, TX nightlife scene has to offer!

Download the itZat app on your iPhone and take advantage of our comprehensive database of bars, nightclubs, and music venues to find the perfect place to check out tonight. View venue profiles, find out about nightly specials, and tap into up-to-the-second updates and promotions from across the city through our news feed. Oh, and don't forget about BarGoggles! Turn your phone into a pair of x-ray specs to see all of the options around you at any given time.
Maybe best of all, sign up for loyalty programs that reward you for hanging out at your favorite spots, something you already do all the time!
So get on board Austin, and find out where itZat tonight!

App Features

Are you downtown and not sure where to go? Pop on our BarGoggles and use our augmented reality technology to scan the scene. BarGoggles give you superman vision to see inside our venues and view any events or offers that are happening.

Want something specific? Try our search features which allow you to narrow down your bar choices by Crowd, Venue and Music types. You can also enter a keyword such as Food, Dog Friendly, Patio, for any specific needs that you may have.

Look through our venue profiles to get an inside scoop on all the bars around the city. Check out the offers below the venue description to see exactly what is happening at the bar that night (VIP Cards, Happy Hour, Live Music etc.).

We want you to get home safe. So pop open our taxi feature to access a local taxi company. If you find yourself lost, just look at your location at the bottom of the screen to tell the taxi exactly where you are.



Get to know the people who get us feeling wild on the weekend!

This week we are featuring Brandon Woodward from Austin's Oil Can Harry's. Seven years in the industry, Brandon is a great way to start the series and get some insight into who the amazing bartenders of our city are!

Meet Brandon!